Facing Your Worst Nightmare

So it was around 2 a.m on Saturday, Ocotber 24th 2009. I woke up because of this nightmare that’d been haunting me (like forever). It was about the legendary ex girlfriend, henceforth will be known as Ms.X.

In that dream (or should i call nightmare), I went to my friends’ (Arfan and Mel) wedding reception which hadn’t happened then, suddenly Ms.X came with her new BF, my heart stopped for 1.7546 second and I slowly hid between the crowds and went away…

The D-Day came, went to Arfan and Mel’s wedding, with a hope that Ms.X wouldn’t come (as she lived in Samarinda)…met and greeted old friends from the college days. Apparently the joy (for me) didn’t last long enough. There she was. Ms.X in green batik dress with a guy (henceforth shall be known as her BF). I felt my heart stopped, my legs turned into jell-o, cold sweat started to appear, I felt as f I heard the doctor’s verdict that I only have 1 day left to live. It had been 5 years since the broke up .

Naturally, I tried to blend in the crowd and tried to be invisible (which was very difficult considering my oriental look and my skin, I was like a hillbilly tried to hide among the black panthers – for those who don’t understand, google it, or read more books, or watch more movies trust me). I even texted my friend whom I already told about this nightmare. …  “Dream (nightmare) comes true”.

However, after tried to hide away from her for quite a while. I started to think, all of my life i always tried to run or away from any inconvenient situation, truth. So, *deep breath* *inhale* *exhale* … brace yourself big guy, let’s face and end this one and for all. I tried to catch her eyes and…*smiley face* “HEYYY!!!” I walked to her and “Hullo…how r u?” She said … “Why are you so thin?”, I replied “Look at yourself will you? and … all those acnes ? why???” She introduced me to her BF and I cut short the conversation by, “Okay, I’ll continue my meet and greet with the others if that’s okay. Nice to see you here. taaa”. Taaaa… 🙂

Made it, showed her how ‘big’ of a person I was and am. And honestly, I felt relieved. Apparently all you have to do was. DO. Stop thinking too much. It wasn’t bad…at all.

And…best thing was my dream came true !!! How many people in the world would like to have that right ? right ?

Now I am very certain that chapter had ended. And I am more than ready to start to my next chapter of my life.


Hullo ladies, haaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeee you met Ted ? 🙂


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