Alice in Wonderland – A Second Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

So finally it’s here,

not like it’s the most anticipated movie either

however it’s another Tim Burton’s work (with Mr.Depp, Ms.Bonham-Carter, Mr.Elfman, and some other names who use to work with him)

so expecting it to be an emotionally-moving, inspiring movie like 3 idiots or visually stimulating like Avatar in 3D is a bit too much i must say. having said that you folks must have guessed what i have to say in the next sentences.

Yes people, fans of Tim Burton’s movies, you will love – nay – be pleased with Alice, or haters (who think that they’re weird or just simply don’t understand), you will -once again- be questioning ‘what???’

To like Tim Burton’s movies is to like Bjork’s songs, it’s either you really really like it and become a devoted fans, or you just pretend to like it so your friends would think that you’re cool (just like them), ehem, for Bjork’s song, i must admit i’m the latter.

Anyway let’s get back Through the Looking Glass shall we?

If you’re familiar with Alice in Wonderland story and Mr. Burton’s work, yes, the movie is exactly like what you were thinking (even though I thought it would be more twisted, until I saw the Walt Disney logo in the opening credit, no wonder).

However, as a devoted Tim Burton’s fan, it’s a very pleasant movie, filled with brilliant casts. I don’t need to review them one-by-one, however it is a pleasing experience to see Matt Lucas as the Tweedles (his act somehow reminds me of Marjory Dawes of Little Britain, no? say it again? no? say it again? no?)

The story is (originally) twisted enough, too bad, it’s under Disney’s license, or else I believe it could go further over the bend.

The visual? GREAT. Not Avatar great. However watching every character (even humans) get CGIed always gives you a tingling visual experience. And as I mentioned earlier, you would have guessed the mix between Alice story + Burton’s artistic style.

Hmmm serealliously people, I don’t have any other things to say about this movie.

It’s good but that’s it. However, I’d still like to suggest you to watch it. As it is Alice in Wonderland, a story very twisted and tickles your healthy mind every now and then about the wonderful world of human thoughts and imagination.

Pardon my unstructured review as I haven’t written any in a very long time (i don’t care anyway, as i’m not preparing to write proposal for the MBA application or sumffin or nuffin)

Go, follow the White Rabbit! (doesn’t have to be in 3D though, it doesn’t make much difference)


1 thought on “Alice in Wonderland – A Second Glimpse Through the Looking Glass

  1. they forgot about Alice meeting the clams.

    Bad Tim.
    Very bad bad Tim.

    He only cares about his technology instead of the story itself.

    belagu siah

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